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NZ Garden Design Blogs

NZ Garden Design Blogs 

DIY Designs have a range of informative blogs covering a wide range of NZ garden design topics.

Written by our Lead Designer: Kerry Speirs, you can expect original content and personal insights from her years as a professional garden designer in New Zealand. 

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Auckland Garden Designer Kerry Speirs

Drought Tolerant Gardens – Are You Watering Wisely?

Drought-tolerant gardens have been a popular choice in recent years and with experts now predicting the warming El Niño climate pattern to last until at least April next year, it seemed a goodRead more

Best Landscape Design Features For Property Resale

If you are prepping your property for sale, and want to make it more appealing to potential buyers, then don’t neglect the garden! Because a well-designed garden can increase the value of yourRead more

Planting Design - 5 Tricks Landscape Professionals Use

A good planting design or interesting planting scheme is what brings a garden to life! Read any plant-focused garden design blog (except this one) and it’ll bang on how if you want your gardenRead more

Plants for a New Zealand Coastal Garden

Auckland landscape design forms a large body of the design work we do here at DIY Designs, so our projects often involve the creation of tough planting schemes that will survive the challenges of aRead more

Coastal Auckland Landscape Design

During my Auckland landscape design career, many garden design projects I have worked on have had stunning coastal backdrops. With these gorgeous views, comes the challenge of putting together aRead more

Landscape Designer’s 6 Best Hedge Plants

From a landscape designer's perspective, the best hedge plants for NZ gardens are those that will meet the needs of the client and best serve the purpose for which they are being planted, be thatRead more

Blossom Trees for Small Front Garden Designs

Front gardens bring out the design voyeur in me! While out walking it’s hard not to snoop at what other Auckland homeowners are doing to smarten up their entrance spaces, as these small frontRead more

Garden Design Ideas | 3 Tips To Get Started

Garden designers love garden porn as much as anyone and we know that many enjoyable hours can be spent drooling over gardens in Pinterest and Instagram. These are great tools for getting designRead more

Low Maintenance Garden Plants

Cyclical garden trends make fashion victims of some great low maintenance garden plants.  It’s hard to keep a good plant down though, especially one that needs minimal water, is adaptable to a raRead more

Why Fake Grass?

Fake grass promises a lot of positive outcomes and one of the main reasons people consider it is because it offers a chemical-free, low-maintenance alternative to a real lawn. Or does it?  I createdRead more

Landscape Designer’s 10 Best Low Maintenance Groundcover Plants

From a landscape designer's perspective, the best groundcover plants are those that will quickly cover areas of bare soil, and therefore help suppress the establishment of undesirable weed species.Read more

Landscape Plans – When and Why You Need Them!

A landscape plan is a record of, or a proposal for a landscape, shown from an overhead or ‘birds-eye’ perspective.  You can be asked by Council to supply a landscape plan at the outset of aRead more

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