Landscape Theme Book & Inspiration

What's your Dream Garden style?

Successful gardens tend to have a 'big idea'. This underpins the design and links the other individual elements together to create cohesion and unity. Often this is a garden theme. Choosing from the vast array of garden styles and themes out there can be daunting for people planning a garden. Fortunately, today‚Äôs gardens are relaxed and a mix of different garden themes can be used to create a style that best reflects your needs and lifestyle. Our inspiring DIYdesigns Theme Book is designed to get you thinking.  

Deck Inspiration

New Zealanders just love their decks, and with good reason. Decks are perfect for creating flat, usable areas, especially if you have uneven or sloping ground. Keep the natural wood look or, if you want a deck with a difference, consider a dark stain or whitewash instead.

Tip: Rather than cut down that lovely tree or palm to build your deck, consider building around it and making it a feature of your outdoor living space. Decks look spectacular broken up with areas of planting. 

Fence Inspiration

Fences are one of the best ways to make a statement at the entrance to your property or to provide a backdrop to your garden. They can also provide much needed, instant privacy and security. 

Tip: All that fencing can add up, so if you plan to cover it with foliage anyway, go basic on the structure and spend your dollars on fantastic feature fences in areas that will be seen. For a cost-effective fence makeover get brave and add a splash of colour. Picket fences and slat screens look spectacular painted in vibrant shades.

Paving and Patio Inspiration

Areas of hardscape can make your garden space both beautiful and functional. Paved areas also offer a fantastic opportunity to impart life and personality into your outdoor living space. Consider breaking up large expanses of patio and paving with a blend of permeable and impermeable surface materials, chosen to complement each other textually and colourwise.  

Tip: Keep plants lower than pavers or you might create annoying debris traps or trip hazards. To prevent movement and weed growth, lay pavers on a concrete slab rather than on grade.

Retaining Wall Inspiration

Retaining is one of the necessary evils of landscaping. It can really transform a garden and create flat, usable garden spaces and lawns, however this often unseen element can also eat up a big part of the budget. Therefore, it makes sense to use these functional items to create clever design features to enhance your garden.

Tip: Walls at seating height with wide caps create casual seating opportunities within the garden. If you have a small garden budget consider re-contouring with battered, grassy slopes instead

Productive Garden Inspiration

Productive gardens take many forms and their design is often driven by the available sunny space available and by the type of edibles you want to grow.  If space is tight, a large pot on your deck or patio can be crammed full of herbs, seasonable vegetables and even some flowering colour, making a lovely petite potager.

Tip: Think vertical supports to maximise growing space. Use raised pots or planters  and for easy weeding don't make the vegetable beds too wide. Around one metre is good.


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