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Not all husbands and wives work well together but Rob and Kerry have worked together for many years, in fact, they met at work some 30+ years ago. In the intervening years they have owned and operated a number of businesses. While DIY Designs is their newest enterprise, it has been years in the making and brings together the best of their skill sets.

Kerry is the face of the business.  She's our lead designer, actively involved in every landscape design that we create and she is the person that all our clients communicate directly with.

Rob brings 30 years in the corporate business space to the table and works behind the scenes providing technical and administrative support.

Rob & Kerry Speirs | Twist Creative Landscape Design


We are located in Titirangi, West Auckland and design nationwide. 

Rob and Kerry started Twist Creative Landscape Design Ltd in 2011 as Kerry finished her landscape design training. Over the intervening years, 'Twist' has provided landscape design services to home owners and a range of behind the scenes design services to construction and landscape industry professionals. 


Experience has shown that many landscape design clients are both time poor and budget conscious, so in 2019, Twist Creative added the DIY, online fixed-price option. Why? Because we want to help make landscaping easy and achievable. So DIY Designs uses technology & client input to reduce design time and associated cost. We also design using cost-effective solutions and readily available materials, so that with a little skill and a DIY attitude client's can either build their own garden, or at the very least, reduce the cost of a professional implementation.   


"While Kerry loves to spend time with her clients in their gardens, we realise people are time poor and find it hard to meet during the work day. Working online, we can resolve these issues and provide a convenient and affordable garden design service. "

- Rob

"The satisfaction of working on high end, high profile projects is immense, however in recent times the need for cost effective, achievable design solutions has become more prevalent and without doubt busy homeowners are now looking for ways to simplify the landscaping process. The new online landscape design offering 'DIY Designs ' has evolved from this demand.

Our model intersects the fields of landscape design and technology and adds a touch of online shopping to boot. 'DIY Designs' marks a new chapter in my landscape design career, and I am excited to be (I believe) the first to bring this type of offer to the New Zealand market."

- Kerry 

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