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Just give us a call. We love to talk gardens.

Discuss your project with our lead garden designer and decide which of our garden design services is the best fit for you and your landscape project. No hard sell or pressure! Just a quick chat to talk through any questions you may have about how we can help you.

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Are you taking on new design projects?

Yes, we still have capacity and are excited to take on new projects such as yours. 

How long does it take to get my landscape design?

Lead times vary depending on how many other projects we have on the go when you engage us, and we'll never hurry you, however, you can assist in a speedy process with timely exchanges of information and feedback. 

Typically, once we have all your project info and we've had a pre-design chat there's a 7-10 day turn for you to get your draft design.

Once we have your feedback from that, your plan is typically revised and finalised within the week.

Overall this process can take between 4-6 weeks, so if you're in rush, it's best to get started as soon as you can. 

How do I get my landscape design project started?

Just purchase a service from our website today, it's as simple as that! We'll send you a project guide within 24 hours, so you can get started at your end on gathering your site info, photos etc during, while your project progresses to the top of our work schedule.

Do I have to buy a full design?

No, you don't.

While a full design concept, ie a 'plan' is a really great tool to have at your disposal, you can also get our expert help through our consultation services.

Consultations can be done online, or (if you live in Auckland) on-site.


Submit an enquiry via our email form. We do our best to reply on the same day.

Emailing because your garden project is a little different,
& wasn't in our fixed price range?

We can give you a tailored quote.

  • Use the file upload button  (bottom right) to send us a few garden photos and any site plans, landscape plans or house plans you have.

  • Our lead garden designer will take a look and come back to you with options or a tailored quote.

We get that some landscaping projects are a little different to others!