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How Garden Design Online Works


It’s all done online, so it doesn’t matter where in NZ you live. Our down-to-earth, kiwi-based designers will work with you on our digital platform to create a personalised garden design online.    

Our full-site garden concept plans are developed following five easy steps.

Select a Service to your get landscape planning underway

1. Select a Service

Browse our Services Page for the affordable, fixed-price garden design service that best suits your project. Following your purchase of the garden design online service you will receive your DIY Designs project guide via email. 

This steps you through what you need to do to get your project underway and outlines in detail what will happen at each step of the online process.

affordable, fixed price garden design
your info on your garden wish-list

2. Provide us with your info

We will need site photographs and garden measurements to help us to understand your site. Your garden 'wish list' will enable us to interpret your ideas, needs, and desires for your new garden space.

Simply complete the online project brief to form the wish list, and follow the instructions in your project guide to identify & provide us with the info we need to create your design.

design expert will begin the exciting process of turning ideas and dreams
doing what we do best, designing beautiful garden spaces

3. Concept Development by Your Design Expert

Armed with your info, your design expert will formulate some initial design ideas and then reach out for your feedback in a pre-design chat, before beginning the exciting process of turning your garden ideas and dreams into something of more substance. 

The pre-design chat ensures we truly understand what you're looking for from your design before getting stuck into doing what we do best, designing beautiful garden spaces. 

Your input and feedback mean you control the final design direction
basic garden concept ready for your review, we set up a screen-share meeting where you will get to see how your design is shaping up

4. Screenshare Review & Feedback

We want to ensure you love the direction we are taking with your design so as soon as we have a basic garden concept ready for your review, we ask for more feedback.

Your draft design is emailed through for your considered review. If you've purchased a part-site or full-site design the next step is a screen-share design review meeting where your design expert will explain the thinking behind the proposed garden design ideas and details, and you can give feedback and ask any questions you may have. (For mini designs, plans are emailed for your review, with screen-share service available as an extra service) Your input and feedback means you control the final design direction. 

professional drawings you can use to implement your new garden
 transforming your existing site into your dream garden.

5. Your One-of-a-kind DIY Design is Delivered

Following your feedback,  professional drawings you can use to implement your new garden are finalised. These are full of information, design notes and tips to give your garden the bespoke designer touch. 

Your one-of-a-kind DIY Design is emailed to you on completion, so you can get started on the most exciting part: transforming your existing site into your dream garden. 


Stage One: Existing Site Plan

First, your garden designer will get to know your site by drawing up an 'existing garden' plan, using either existing CAD site or house plans, or the DIY measurements you have provided along with your photos. This is coupled with land information data they will source online.

This lets you confirm our interpretation of your existing landscaping and site conditions during a pre-design chat, where we will also discuss your design brief and initial design ideas. 

Stage Two: Draft Concept Plan

Then, your garden designer will create a draft landscape concept, incorporating the key components you requested in your wishlist into the plan, along with a personalised planting scheme. A photographic palette representative of any proposed materials, design elements and plants is also compiled.

To ensure we are on the right track, this is then presented for your review via email. When you are ready with your feedback, we meet via screenshare to discuss the design before proceeding to revisions.

Stage Three: Revised Concept Plan

Next, your concept is revised, with final design and garden layout adjustments made to the landscape plan, reflecting your feedback. This includes descriptive information on ideas, materials and components shown in your plan.  

Your planting scheme is finalised and a plant schedule is created.

Final Stage: Finalised Concept Plan

Your finalised concept will be supplied as an emailed PDF. 

It will include:

  • An easy to understand, personalised 2-D plan for laying out your new garden or landscape
  • An individualised palette of landscaping materials put together specifically for your project
  • Suggestions and suppliers for any modular or prefabricated landscape components
  • Personalised planting suggestions
  • A detailed plant schedule with spacings and quantities