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Lomandra 'White Sands' (Mat Rush) 🏡 DIY Designs

Lomandra 'White Sands' (Mat Rush)

A beautiful, easy-care plant for creating impact in your planting schemes. Not all grasses give year-round impact the same way Lomandra 'White Sands' does. Maybe because this Australian native is, in fact, a rush not a grass. That means it copes with both damp and dry conditions. It's also tolerant of both full sun and shady conditions. 

Whether mixed with flowering plants, shrubs, or planted massed in large groups  Lomandra 'White Sands' is always a standout plant. It's perfect for adding texture to a planting scheme and it's very easy to grow. The foliage is striped white and green, giving a lemony look overall, and it will light up dark areas below trees. 

One of the larger growing members of the lomandra family, Lomandra 'White Sands' looks best when given plenty of room to fill out. Allow at least 900mm between plants in a massed grouping, more if you want a little breathing space in between. It will mature at around 900mm x 900mm. 

This easy-care plant is ideal for the novice gardener, and the budget-conscious gardener will certainly appreciate its usefulness for filling in large, empty garden spaces. 

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