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Lomandra 'Frosty Tops' (mat rush) 🏡 DIY Designs

Lomandra 'Frosty Tops' (mat rush)

🌾I love using THIS lomandra in my garden designs JUST AS MUCH as all the other lomandras 😅.

What's not to like! 'Frosty Tops' has that gorgeous grey-green foliage that everybody is loving currently, and being very heat tolerant, it's a better bet for those of us gardening in a humid climate than grey-green than Festuca glauca (blue tussock) or Helictotrichon sempervirens (blue oat grass).

Lomandra 'Frosty Tops' needs a lot of space, maturing at around 800mm+ wide. Growing to such a good size, it's ideal for mass planting when the landscaping budget is tight as you don't need many plants to cover a wide area. Being drought tolerant it makes an ideal potted specimen, giving a graceful, sculptural look.

Lomandra are easy-to-grow plants, ideal for the low-maintenance garden. While they have a grassy look, these Australian native plants are actually rushes.

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