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Small Projects Under 50m2



If you're planning to make over just one small area of your existing garden, and you need help with landscaping ideas & plant selection, then this is for you. This 'all-in-one'  small garden design service offers the ultimate in affordable garden design for the tiniest garden makeover or smaller, part-site landscaping project.

This design service is suitable for when the area to be designed is just one spot in your garden, or there are several small areas immediately adjacent to each other that form part of the same scheme. The overall area needs to be under 50m2.

Some common examples the 'Mini Design' is suitable for include:

  • A replant of the garden beds alongside your driveway,

  • The transformation of your small courtyard garden

  • New planting & finishing touches for your deck or patio area.

  • Planning for a new or refreshed spa area

  • The development of ideas to spruce up your entrance

  • A berm makeover to enhance your property's street appeal.

Your concept includes all the important info needed to get your exciting garden transformation underway.

(under 50m2)


  • A personalised concept & planting design solution

  • A scaled CAD landscape plan in 2D (birds eye view)

  • Descriptive plan notes

  • Landscaping materials visual palette -paving, pebbles etc

  • Links to 'off the shelf' decorative elements & features

  • Planting suggestions - shown and labeled on the plan

  • Named plant ID photographs

  • Plant list with quantities, sizes to purchase & spacings for install


  • 30-minute predesign screenshare consultation to bounce ideas, explore options and firm up your design brief

  • 1 plan revision to finalise changes 

  • Finished PDF plans delivered to your inbox


Small but mighty, the 'Mini Design' is a helpful little design service that will give you the confidence and information you need to tackle that small area of your garden that needs an overhaul.

  • Make the most of the space.  We know the tricks to create attractive and functional hardscaping layouts for your decks, patios, paths, lawns and garden beds.

  • A good visual outcome is ensured with your landscaping materials palette, which provides a guide to the best surface finishes (pebbles, pavers, etc) to use to give your small garden area or mini landscaping project a final look that's cohesive with the rest of your property

  • Planting is a breeze as all those tricky plant choices are made for you! This garden design service is delivered in a 2-D plan format, and it shows where each plant is to go in your garden.

  • There's a named photo of each plant used in your design for easy plant ID and a detailed plant list, so you can plant shop like a pro (or just hand it all over to your contractor)!

  • Easily add the all-important wow-factor by following the hyperlinks in your plan for sourcing the beautiful finishing touches such as pots, planters, screens, or other decorative garden elements that we suggest for your property.

To get your project into our work stream, just purchase this service using the form below. The  DIY Designs Project Guide will be sent straight to your inbox and it contains all the info you need to get your project underway. The sooner you purchase, the sooner you will have your Mini Design. 

" We loved the proposed layout from the start...."

We got a Mini Garden Design from Kerry because we weren't sure where to start with incorporating gardens into our small bare backyard. We loved the proposed layout from the start and the plan we got fits so much variety into a small place. We can't wait to get started with turning it into reality. Kerry was very responsive, incredibly helpful and incorporated the various aspects we said we wanted while ensuring it would be low maintenance and dog friendly. I would definitely recommend using Kerry's services. " 



Are you taking on new design projects at the moment?

Yes, we still have the capacity and are excited to take on new design projects such as yours. 

Can I give you a design brief and feedback to get the design I want?

Yes, you certainly can!

We give you access to our online form where you can easily create and submit your design brief as part of the DIY pre-design process.

Because we want you to love your garden design, before we create it we also do a 30-minute pre-design consultation with you. This is held via (Zoom) screen-share. We'll discuss your design brief and share our initial ideas o get your feedback before we draw up your draft design.

As soon as your design draft is ready, you'll receive it via email for your considered review and feedback, before we go over it together during a 60-minute (Zoom) screen-share session.

We then revise and complete your design according to your feedback. 

How long does it take to get my landscape concept?

Lead times vary depending on how many other projects we have on the go when you engage us, and we'll never hurry you, however, you can assist in a speedy process with timely exchanges of information and feedback. 

Typically, once we have all your project info and we've had a pre-design chat there's a 7-10 day turn for you to get your draft design.

Once we have your feedback from that, your plan is typically revised and finalised within the week.

Overall this process can take between 4-6 weeks, so if you're in rush, it's best to get started as soon as you can. 

How is theĀ 'Mini Design' different to the 'Part Plan' Design'?

If the area you need a design for is one small area of garden, or there are several small areas immediately adjacent to each other that form part of the same scheme, and the overall area is under 50m2 then it's a 'Mini Design'.

If you have multiple areas that need a design, however they are in different parts of your property (even if they add up to under 50m2) you will need the 'Partial Site Design' service.  This is because the more spread out the areas are, the more complex the project becomes and with more individual factors and site conditions to be considered, it takes longer for us to create your landscape plan and planting scheme. 

How do I get started on my under 50m2 mini landscape concept?

It's just so easy! To get started just purchase this service and within 24 hours you will receive our Online Landscape Design Project Guide. It includes all the information you will need to work with us as we develop your garden concept.