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$299 - Local Zone
$399- Surchage Zone



If you live in the Auckland area, an onsite garden design consultation is an excellent way to begin a landscape design or garden makeover project. It's perfect for when you intend to commission a landscape plan but you would like to bounce ideas and get to know your designer before committing to a full plan service. 

During the 'Walk & Talk', our lead designer Kerry will walk your garden with you, exploring ideas, discussing landscaping options, and looking at any specific issues that need resolving. You'll receive valuable suggestions for immediate garden improvements too, so the 'Walk & Talk' is helpful as a standalone or stop-gap service.

If you decide to proceed with a garden plan development service, the comprehensive notes in your post-consultation report are used as the foundation of your design brief, informing the development of your more detailed and considered landscape and planting plan.

A small, lush small Auckland garden designed with palms and white flowering shrubs.
Award winning garden designer, Kerry Speirs, doing an onsite garden design consultation in Auckland, New Zealand with an unknown client.

(Auckland only)

If you live in our local Auckland area you can have our award-winning, lead garden designer visit your property for a 60-minute, one-on-one, garden design consultation. 

  • Walk your garden & talk through your ideas and issues, getting instant advice and helpful tips to improve your garden.

  • Following the on-site garden consultation, you will receive an informative follow-up report containing detailed notes on the items discussed. 


No need to feel embarrassed about your garden's condition. We've seen it all before, and we assure you, it can get better.

After an onsite garden consultation with our knowledgeable lead designer, Kerry, you'll be thrilled and well-informed about your property's potential. Kerry is full of enthusiasm and ideas. She'll provide honest feedback on what's working and what's not, allowing you to bounce ideas and discuss long-term dream garden solutions that fit your budget. You'll also receive on-the-spot tips for easy fixes and affordable solutions to transform your property.

There's no pressure to commit to additional design services, but if you're interested, we're happy to discuss the best options for a more detailed design development. We'll even include a suggested follow-up service in your post-consultation notes.

To get started,  purchase the on-site garden design consultation using the form below, and Kerry will be in touch within 24 hours to set up a time to visit your property for the 'Walk & Talk'.

" Overall great value for money and sense of direction..."

" Kerry was super accommodating and generous with her time - we did the walk and talk and I was already happy with my decision halfway through! I do like my gardening, so sat on the fence about whether I should invest that extra level into the garden vs continue with my aimless plant addiction.

Having a new perspective and ideas, and on location, was invaluable. Kerry records the conversation and follows up with notes, amazing because my head is swimming with ideas. Overall great value for money and sense of direction, while having a great natter about gardening." 



How soon can you visit my property for my garden consultation?

Autumn and winter consultations are usually scheduled a minimum of one week in advance. In peak season (spring and summer) lead times may be as long as 3 -4 weeks, so we advise you to book early to avoid disappointment.

Do you offer a free onsite consultation service?

Our lead designer's time is valuable and charged accordingly, therefore all consultations and site visits incur a fee. If you'd like a complimentary chat, you're welcome to book-a-call-back ,or just give us a call at your convenience.

Do I get a plan after my consultation?

Landscape plans require considerable thought and time to prepare and therefore are not able to be included as part of the consultation. However, notes are provided to you as a record of the ideas discussed.

If I live in Auckland, but outside of your definedĀ  'local Auckland area', can I still book an on-site consultation?

In this scenario, just give us a call or email to let us know your address. We'll simply calculate the cost of the additional travel time, add it to the standard consultation fee, and if you're okay with the extra cost, we'll send you an invoice. 

If the cost doesn't align with your budget, consider our Ask-An-Expert online garden design consultation as an alternative.