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FULL SITE GARDEN DESIGN : 700m2 - 1000m2 Site


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This service provides you with a professionally laid out, informative garden plan. The output is tailored to your design brief, so your personalised design can include both hardscaping and planting (landscape and planting concept), or have a more detailed plant focus ( planting plan). 

This comprehensive, conceptual design service is for residential properties with a site size of between 700m2 and 1000m2. 

Choose from $1950 to $2150

  • $1950 if you have a professional CAD site or property survey plan available
  • $2150 if we are using your self-generated (DIY) site  measure and draw  details

The DIY Designs 'Full Site Garden Design : 700m2 - 1000m2 Site' includes:

  • A personalised design solution for your garden:
  • A  scaled CAD landscape plan showing the proposed garden layout in birds eye view
  • Descriptive notes and photos to portray built any design features and finishes
  • A customised materials palette (photos & notes)
  • A photographic menu with sourcing info for any 'off the shelf'  components
  •  Planting suggestions and layout
  • A named photographic palette of the plants
  • A plant list or plant schedule

Also part of this Landscape Design package:

  • 60 minute online screen-share design review & feedback session with your design expert, where you can review the design and give feedback at draft stage
  • 1 plan revision after feedback session
  • Finalised PDF plans delivered to your in-box

       * Printed copies of the plan  can be provided on request - additional charges apply. 

DIY Designs specialty is creating garden concepts that are achievable - simple, well thought-out and beautiful! 

Ideal for hands-on types who are looking for cost-effective landscaping solutions, people who want to implement the project themselves or who may hire in a contractor to complete some or all the work under their guidance. Our garden concepts are designed using readily available landscaping materials that can be found easily by the DIYer and 'off the shelf' elements, rather than tricky and expensive bespoke features.

Share your existing ideas & dreams for your garden first, as part of our online pre-design process, and we use that design brief, overlaid with our advice and ideas, to create the  personalised garden concept just for you. It shows you what materials and plants to use, where to put what, and why!  Build it yourself, or hire a contractor to do it for you. 

To get started just purchase this service and within 24 hours you will receive our Online Landscape Design Project Guide. It includes all the information you will need to work with us as we develop your garden concept.  


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