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A Micro Design is a clever little mini garden design offer.  The inspirational 'before and after' images show you what your small garden space could look like after a makeover, providing a visual guide to inform your small landscaping project.

The 'Micro Design' includes:

  • A photo-shopped 'after' image to show the intended effect
  • Named (Latin & common) photographic plant palette showing suggested plants and any planting information such as suggested spacings
  • Materials palette (images and notes) for the landscaping materials suggested
  • Supplier details for any 'off the shelf ' decorative elements or features specified

Also included in this service:

  • Online tools to provide your design brief & garden info
  • Pre-design conversation with designer 
  • PDF version of the Micro Design delivered to your in-box
  • 1 Revision to concept following your feedback

Areas a Micro Design is perfect for:

  • Front door entrance & approaches
  • Front Boundaries / Letterbox locales
  • Porches and Verandas
  • Seating Nooks 
  • Pots and Sculpture groupings
  • Boundary Screening Solutions
  • Detailing a small space within a larger area, such as a prominent view-line to one corner of your garden, or the area directly around your spa pool

    *General guideline: If you can easily fit the area into one standard photo shot, it's probably  for the Micro.

The micro is perfect for people who are happy to 'wing it' without a full layout plan, but if at any stage you decide you do want more detailed information, you can just chat with us about your additional requirements.

To get started just purchase this service and within 24 hours you will receive our Online Micro Design Project Guide. It includes all the information you will need to work with us as we develop your micro garden concept.  


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