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$1599 under 500m2 site
$1999 500-1000m2 site



When it comes to meeting council requirements for a landscape plan, look no further! This comprehensive planting design service gets you a combined landscape & panting concept with detailed planting information overlaid on the proposed site plan you've already submitted to council or your developer. 

This service is for residential properties under 1000m2

  • New build homes

  • Renovations

  • Relocated homes

  • Existing homes

The plan is suitable for 

  • Council submission

  • Developers approval

  • Contractor use

Whether you're in the midst of a new build or still in the planning stages, or if you're renovating and need to submit a landscape plan to the council or your developer, we've got you covered.

With our professionally prepared landscape plans, you can rest assured knowing that all the necessary boxes for your consent application will be checked. Purchase this service today, and we'll work closely with you to create a well-thought-out and comprehensive planting design.

Your plan includes all the planting specifications needed to get your landscape project from planning to planting!

a landscape plan with native plants, plant schedule and planting specifications, suitable for resource consent

Landscape Planting Plan for Resource Consent
(Up to 1000m2)

Our Landscape Planting Plan for Resource Consent Includes:

  • A well-thought-out planting design in your preferred or required planting style 

  • A scaled 2D plan showing the planting layout

  • Detailed plant labelling

  • Plant ID photos (showing both botanical and common names) 

  • A detailed plant schedule showing:

    • Recommended plant sizes

    • Plant spacings for install

    • Plant heights at planting

    • Plant heights at 10years

    • Plant sizes at maturity

  • Planting & Programming Specifications

  • 3 or 5 Year Maintenance Plan

    *This service does not include the extensive design of any major hardscaping elements. 


  • 30-60 minute pre-design screen share chat to bounce ideas, explore planting options and firm up your design brief

  • 1 plan revision to finalise changes 

  • Finished PDF plans delivered to your inbox


Don't stress about council or developer requirements for a landscape plan with detailed planting specifications and maintenance schedules. We've got you covered. Trust us, we've done this before.

It may seem an unessecary spend, but the great news is this landscape plan goes beyond consent applications, providing you with a well-thought-out landscape and planting scheme to complement and add value to your home, whislt creating a low-maintenance and visually appealing garden for you, your friends & your family to enjoy for many years to come. Plus, the plan can be used by your landscape gardener or contractor for quoting and installation.

Our landscape and planting plans provide all the necessary information for garden layout and purchasing plants. We include detailed planting specifications, labeled plant photos, and guidance on plant procurement and planting, and a helpful 3-5 year maintenance plan.

In addition to plants, we offer suggestions for finishing touches like garden edging, pots, and focal points. We provide photos and handy hyperlinks to make purchasing landscape materials easy, whether you choose to DIY or hire a contractor.

To get your project into our work stream, just purchase this service using the form below. The  DIY Designs Project Guide will be sent straight to your inbox and it contains all the info you need to get your project underway. The sooner you purchase, the sooner you will have your 'Landscape Planting Plan for Resource Consent'. 

" met all the conditions of our resource consent"

" ...wonderful to work with. Very professional, great communication and speedy turn around. Very knowledgeable and designed a landscape plan for us which met all the conditions of our resource consent. Thank you! " 



Are you taking on new design projects at the moment?

Yes, we still have the capacity and are excited to take on new design projects such as yours. 

Can I give you a design brief and feedback to get the planting style I want?

Yes, you certainly can!

We give you access to our online form where you can easily create and submit your design brief as part of the DIY pre-design process.

Because we want you to love your garden design, before we create it we also do a 30-minute pre-design consultation with you. This is held via (Zoom) screen-share. We'll discuss your design brief and share our initial ideas to get your feedback before we draw up your draft design.

As soon as your design draft is ready, you'll receive it via email for your considered review and feedback, before we go over it together during a 60-minute (Zoom) screen-share session.

We then revise and complete your design according to your feedback. 

How long does it take to get my landscape for resource consent plan?

Lead times vary depending on how many other projects we have on the go when you engage us, and we'll never hurry you, however, you can assist in a speedy process with timely exchanges of information and feedback. 

Typically, once we have all your project info and we've had a pre-design chat there's a 7-10 day turn for you to get your draft design.

Once we have your feedback from that, your plan is typically revised and finalised within the week.

Overall this process can take between 4-6 weeks, so if you're in rush, it's best to get started as soon as you can. 

How do I get my Landscape Plan for Resource Consent started?

It's just so easy! To get started just purchase this service and within 24 hours you will receive our Online Landscape Design Project Guide. It includes all the information you will need to work with us as we develop your garden concept.