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Your DIY Guide to Plant Combination Success!

Choose Your NZ Native Plant Combinations With Confidence!

If you struggle with choosing the right NZ native plant combinations for your garden, this Plant Combos Pocket Guide is for you. 

Choose from 30 pre-selected, 3-Plant Combinations that you can use with confidence. in your NZ garden. 

Compiled by Kerry Speirs, an experienced planting design expert, and Creative Director here at DIY Designs.

Plant Combo Ideas Guide

COSTING LESS than the average garden plant, this fantastic NZ Native Plant Combo Guide stops you from wasting any more time or money on uninformed planting choices,

Choose from 30 proven NZ native plant combos.  With a comprehensive, printable guide to preparing your garden for planting and planting out your plants, plus tips on sourcing your plants included you'll soon be on the right path to enjoying your flourishing NZ native garden. 

Grab your copy now!