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Online Garden Design New Zealand

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Online garden design New Zealand

Online garden design in New Zealand is an easy and cost-effective way to get the garden you want. Wherever you live in New Zealand, you can work with an experienced designer and get their expert design advice on what to do with your garden. Our online DIY Designs are as bespoke and personalised as our traditional garden designs and the process is much the same, but with welcome conveniences like viewing the design online at a time that suits your schedule using our online booking system and creating your garden design brief online using our simple live template. Plus, you get the opportunity to save a few dollars by doing your own garden measure up and taking your own site photos, so  regardless of where in New Zealand you live, you can get a great garden design at a really affordable price. 

At New Zealand online garden design company DIY Designs, we have lots of options available for you to choose from in our online store. These are the three design offers currently most popular with our New Zealand client base. 

Garden design online - Our Top 3 Options

1.  ‘Micro' Design’ 

The 'Micro' is perfect for really small garden design projects, like a refresh of your front entrance or just one little corner of your garden that has you stumped for ideas or design direction. From anywhere in New Zealand, simply commission us to create your individualised garden design by purchasing the Micro Design product online, then we step you through the process using our project guide. In short, this entails sending us some photographs of the garden space and using our online form to tell us what you are wanting to achieve with your garden project. Then we come up with ideas for you to consider before creating a realistic ‘after’ perspective drawing of your garden area, showing what the space would like after our proposed design. Alongside the drawing are named photographs of suggested plants and photographs, as well as the materials and products we suggest for the makeover. You give feedback and we refine the design accordingly, ready for you or your contractor to implement.  

2. ‘Full Site' Design

Gardens anywhere in New Zealand can also be designed by us online, with a ‘Full Site' Design. This is where our creative garden designers develop a beautiful, one-of-a-kind design for you. The ideas are relayed in a scaled, 2D garden plan. This is a ‘birds eye view’ of your garden area, showing the spatial layout, with descriptive notes to explain the design ideas, along with photographs of plants and products that feature in your personalised garden concept. During an online screen-share meeting you give feedback on the garden design and we refine the plan accordingly, ready for you or your contractor to implement.  You simply have to commission us to create your design by purchasing the product in our online store then we send you our online project guide. This walks you through the steps you need to take to gather the information we need to design your garden online, such as measuring up your site, taking suitable photographs and a answering a few specific questions about site and growing conditions using our active, online form. Easy as!  If you only want to makeover a part of your garden, talk to us about a partial-site design. 

3. 'Ask an Expert'
If you have garden design ideas you think will work and just want to test the validity of these or discuss your project with an experienced New Zealand garden designer to see what they would suggest, we have made this advice really easy to access. 'Ask an Expert’ is an online garden design consultation, so regardless of where you live in New Zealand you can get expert design help about a specific area (or areas) of your garden. This is also a great way to get garden design help if you have a really limited budget. You simply have to commission us to advise on your garden by purchasing the online garden design consultation product from our website. We then let you know what basic information to send our experienced designer who will then review your garden information and come up with some ideas and solutions, prior to chatting with you via zoom at a pre-arranged time.

Get your online garden design project underway today, from anywhere in New Zealand. Not sure what option is right for you, simply book a call back and we will point you in the right direction, or head straight to our shop to get started right away.