Small Garden Design New Zealand

Before and After image of a small New Zealand Garden
Small Garden Design for New Zealand, Before and After

Designing for small gardens in New Zealand

Small garden design in New Zealand is a DIY Designs specialty and we have created a few online options to help you get a great design for your small garden space, regardless of where in New Zealand you live, at a really affordable price.

Small garden design is perfectly catered for with three of our online in New Zealand offers. One great option is our ‘Micro Design’. This is a visual design, perfect for small projects like a garden makeover for your front entrance or just one pesky corner of your garden that has you stuck.  Once you have engaged us for your design project by purchasing the Micro Design product online, we step you through the process of sending us some suitable photographs of your small garden space and telling us about what you are wanting to achieve with your garden project using our ‘create-a- brief’ form online and then we create a gorgeous design for you. This is a realistic  ‘after’ perspective drawing of your garden area showing what the space would be like after our proposed design. It comes with named photographs of suggested plants and photographs and details of materials and products to use in the makeover. You give feedback and we refine the drawing accordingly, ready for you or your contractor to implement. 

Small gardens anywhere in New Zealand can also be designed by us online with our small site / partial design offer. This is perfect for small projects under 350m2. Whether you need a full garden design or just ideas for part of a larger garden, like a courtyard, spa area  or outdoor entertaining space. For these more comprehensive projects we create a beautiful design for you and portray the ideas in a scaled, 2D garden plan. This is a birds-eye view of your small garden area showing the spatial layout and with descriptive notes to explain the design ideas, along with photographs of plants and products we suggest you in your garden makeover. You give feedback via an online screen-share meeting and we refine the plan accordingly, ready for you or your contractor to implement.  You simply have to engage us to create your design by purchasing the product online, and we send you our online project guide which talks you through the steps to gather the information we need to design your garden online, such as measurements, suitable photographs and a few specific details about growing conditions.

Small garden design, in New Zealand or anywhere, has its own set of challenges as everything has to work well together in order to achieve an attractive and functional outcome. If you have a really limited budget but want some design help ‘Ask an Expert’ might be ideal for your small garden project. This is an online garden design consultation, so regardless of where you live in New Zealand you can get expert design help about a specific area of your garden, or if the garden is small, an overview of what you could to improve the space. You simply have to engage us to do an online consultation by purchasing the “Ask-an-Expert’ service from our website and we will advise on what information to send our experienced designer, who will then review your garden information and come up with some ideas and solutions, prior to chatting with you via zoom at a pre-arranged time.

Get your small garden design project anywhere in New Zealand underway today with design help and inspirational ideas from  New Zealand landscape design company DIY Designs. Located in Titirangi, West Auckland, we provide affordable garden design services nationwide with our online garden design service. See options for design services