Landscape Design by Screen-Sharing

DIYdesigns Screen share review and process

What is a Landscape Design Screen-share consultation?

The beauty of DIY Designs Online Landscape Design is that we save you money. One way we achieve this is to do everything digitally. No driving to site, no physical visit, no cups of tea you have to offer! All of this saves designer time and therefore saves you money.

To do this though, we need you to be comfortable with digital technology. If you use Skype, Facetime or even watch You Tube then you won’t have any problems undertaking a Screen-Share consultation.

Don’t worry, we won’t see you as we don’t use video chat. We just need to be able share a screen with you over the internet and have audio so we can talk while displaying images on our shared screen during your garden design consultation.

You will be able to see the proposed garden design as our Garden Designer shares their drawings  with you on their screen. Make changes together and even share your screen to show us mages from your landscape collection as you discuss garden ideas & preferences. It's easy and fun!

We use commercial screen-sharing software which you will connect to by way of a temporary private link we send to you. At no time do we connect directly to any of your devices, so you are secure.

All you will need to screen share with us:

  • A computer or tablet with two-way audio capability (mic / headset )
  • A good internet connection
  • A quiet location that allows good digital communication

We will guide you through all of this so don’t worry if this is new to you.