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Chamadorea costericana (Bamboo Palm / Costa Rica Palm) 🏡 DIY Designs

Chamadorea costericana (Bamboo Palm / Costa Rica Palm)

👀perfect to block out your neighbours, or an ugly view, ‘bamboo palm’ makes a fantastic screening plant and will give your garden a lush, tropical look ⛱ on quite a small footprint. 

*THIS IS NOT A BAMBOO* It is a clustering PALM 🌴🌴🌴.

Chamadorea costericana forms multiple slender canes (rather than one tall trunk) in much the same way as bamboo - hence its common name of bamboo palm.

With shelter from medium to high wind, this easy-to-grow palm will happily grow outdoors in temperate areas of New Zealand. Ie - It’s not frost hardy ❄! For those of you gardening in less temperate climates than experienced here in Auckland, Chamadorea microspadix is a similar looking and more cold-hardy option.

Allow at least 1m between your plants if you area planting these in a group or a row. 1.5m centre to centre is my normal spacing specification.

Chamadorea costericana can get quite dense at the base, so underplanting isn't typically required, but if you want some ground-level interest, drought-tolerant plants such as philodendron, or star jasmine groundcovers are ideal. 

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