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Asplenium bulbiferum (hen & chicken fern / pikopiko) 🏡 DIY Designs

Asplenium bulbiferum (hen & chicken fern / pikopiko)

Hen & Chicken' fern is a versatile plant that can be used in so many garden situations. It's EASY TO GROW and it's a NZ native. It will look just as home whether you use it in a subtropical, woodland, classic or NZ native-themed garden setting. 

I find it a particularly good companion plant for larger leaf plants such as hydrangea and ligularia for three main reasons...

🌱1. It enjoys the same growing conditions.

👀 2. It tucks nicely into the base of large hydrangea shrubs and gives visual interest in the winter when they (or your other deciduous shrubs) are dormant. 

🌿3. The textural contrast of fine ferny foliage against a larger leaf such as hydrangea or ligularia is sublime!

What you should know about this plant is that while it will grow in full sun, the foliage will turn more yellow. Best, deep-green foliage colour is achieved when this lovely fern is grown in the shade. in the shade 🌤⛱

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