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Cordyline 'Show Off' (slender palm lily) 🏑 DIY Designs

Cordyline 'Show Off' (slender palm lily)

πŸ™ƒSuch a showoff!

This is one of the best foliage plants you'll find for skinny spaces and slender eye-level screening. A perfect candidate for the side yard or narrow boundary strip. It'll grow to a modest 2.5m high maximum while remaining less than 600mm wide. It forms multiple stems from the base of the main plant over time which may increase the width, but these are easily removed if needed.

The long green leaves have purple-tinged tips and overall the plant has a very bold and sculptural form yet is soft to the touch.  Cordyline 'Show Off' (or is it 'Showoff' I'm never quite sure 😏 ) is one of those versatile plants with an aesthetic that works well in most garden planting themes, especially subtropical and contemporary themed gardens.

🌿It's really easy to grow and quite at home in shadier conditions, where (POV) the foliage is better & more lush looking than then grown in full sun. 

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