Nepeta mussinii "Blue Wonder" - Cat Mint 🏡 DIY Designs

💡How to use it? I’ve given you 3 ways to use catmint at the end of the caption, but first ...

Easily confused with catnip if you’re new to gardening, as they do look quite similar - they both belong to the same plant ‘family’ -the mint family - so watch the botanical and common names when you’re buying 😊

Catnip : Nepeta cataria
Catmint : Nepeta mussinii.

😻Your cat will love both if you plant them in your garden, but catmint is the one that has the most ornamental value.

🌞 It’s a pretty, little plant that likes a well-drained soil and a sunny garden spot, but it will do okay in a part shade position too. There are other cultivars to choose from too, so just pick the one that will grow to the size you need for your planting design.

How to use it? Here are those 3 three options promised, to get your creative juices flowing:

1.🌺Catmint will give you a soft and dreamy cottage garden look when teamed with other silver foliage plants, pink roses and pink or white, flowering perennial plants like penstemon, iris and guara.

2. 💥Spice things up and use your catmint to create a bolder planting scheme with brightly coloured planting companions such as coral-toned yarrow, or orange geum and yellow hot pokers, plus a contrast of big bold grassy plants - to stop things looking too busy.

3-🌱🌱🌱Keep it simple and plant a bold row or mass of catmint, instead of the popular, but not-so-reliable lavender.

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