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Liriope 'Royal Purple - Lily Turf 🏡 DIY Designs

🌿An ideal plant for the narrowest of garden strips. Liriope 'Royal Purple' is one of the smaller 'Lily Turf' and forms a little grassy clump about 350mm high x 350mm wide.

Perfect for lining a path, driveway or garden edge where you'd space them roughly 300mm centre to centre so that they grow together to form a continuous row 🌾🌾🌾. If you're using it as a massed groundcover, around 6 per m2 will get you a good fast cover

Happy in sun or shade, and adaptable to most soil types including sandy and clay and offering great foliage texture, it's easy to see why Liriope 'Royal Purple' is one of our most popular landscaping plants, and used in many different landscape and planting design themes.

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