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Pratia angulata, Lobelia angulata or Panakenake 🏡 DIY Designs

🌿One of the best walkable plants you can use between pavers.

This is Pratia angulata, also known as Lobelia angulata or ‘Panakenake’, a NZ native plant that thrives in a damp spot.

It grows less vigorously (but still well) in drier situations. Full sun to semi-shaded situations.

💫Here’s a couple of my best tips to help you get great results if you want to create this look at home:

TIP 1: 👣Space your pavers (with an even spacing) of between 650mm-750mm from the centre of one paver to the centre of the next. This is a comfortable step for most people.

TIP 2: 🌱Plant lots of little plants close together (around 100mm apart) to get a fast, dense cover. To do this without breaking the bank, divide up larger plants to create mini ‘plantlets’ You can buy it in trays from a specialist grower for just this purpose.

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