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Ligularia reniformis 'Giganteum' (tractorseat plant) 🏑 DIY Designs

Ligularia reniformis 'Giganteum' (tractor seat plant)

πŸ’šThe perfect choice for beginner gardeners,  'tractor seat plant' goes with pretty much everything and makes a fantastic contrast against any number of companion plants.

The large evergreen leaves that give Ligularia reniformis 'Giganteum ' its common name of 'tractor seat' are big dramatic & and light-reflecting, AND it's not fussy about growing conditions.

For example, it's a great plant choice for those tricky, shady areas such as under trees 🌳. It is a bog plant πŸ’¦, so it'll thrive in the damper parts of your garden, too. You can plant in full sun, BUT the large, sculptural leaves will droop on hot days πŸ˜•, so personally, I prefer it in afternoon shade positions.

I grow mine beneath large trees paired with Japanese grass, creeping Jenny and blue flowering ajuga ❀️. Because of the colour tones in that planting combination, I'm always happy to leave the big daisy-like flowers when they appear in mid to late summer (some people cut them off), as they provide a great food source for the bees. 

In my garden designs, I normally space them anywhere between 750mm to 900mm apart, depending on the look I'm trying to achieve. 

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