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Dicondra Repens (Mercury Bay weed) 🏡 DIY Designs

Dicondra Repens (Mercury Bay weed)

🌱A really useful little low-growing 'walkable' plant that's perfect for planting between your pavers (this is the plant you’ll often see in those inspirational garden photos everyone posts on Instagram 💚). Mass planted over bigger areas, 'Mercury Bay weed' will give a lawn-like effect.

Though its common name suggests otherwise, Dicondra repens isn't a weed, it's just a tough little plant that grows where other plants don't want to 👉 like in dry, exposed, sunny sites, dry and sandy soils, and windy, salt-laden coastal conditions 🤩 .

When you plant dicondra over a large area, it’s best to grow it from seed OR plant lots and lots of small plants closely together 🌱🌱🌱rather than a few bigger plants scattered about. But don’t call the bank just yet 💰, you use small ‘plugs’ or divisions (not full-size plants) to get this fulsome coverage and they can be purchased in ‘trays’ that yield around 50 small divisions per tray.

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