100% Online Landscape Designs
for Easy to Build Garden Concepts.
Personalised garden plans at a fixed price,
prepared by experienced & qualified
New Zealand garden designers. 


Garden Design Plans by experienced New Zealand Designers

We provide easy and achievable landscaping solutions with our down to earth garden concepts

It's DIYdesigns not because you have to design it yourself, but due to the clever, easy to build landscaping solutions we use in our professional, down to earth garden concepts. Because a great looking design is not enough, it also needs to be achievable!

With a bit of skill and a D.I.Y attitude, you can build your own gorgeous garden from our personalised landscape concepts. Our professional plans can also be used by landscape contractors. 

We keep your design simple to make it achievable!

Low Maintenance Planting Design

...and we work online to provide our landscape design services in a convenient, affordable way.

Even before lock-down became a common house hold term we were working online, using a range of technology to make getting expert garden design help more convenient and affordable.

Our online landscape design systems are well-established and make the whole on-line design process incredibly easy and user friendly. 

We are based in Titirangi, West Auckland,
but because it's all done digitally we can help you regardless of where in NZ you live, at a time that suits you!


Auckland Garden Designer Kerry Speirs

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