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Your Designer - Kerry Speirs

When I began my career as an Auckland landscape designer, I wanted to help people make their gardens gorgeous and if I’m honest, deep down I had a little dream of being an award-winning garden designer, rather famous for my fabulous garden creations.

Since then, I’ve clocked thousands of design hours, had gardens featured in prestigious magazines and Auckland garden tours, even won gold and silver in landscape industry awards. I’ve created incredible, bespoke gardens for some amazing clients, and this makes me really happy.

However, not everyone can afford to build with full service landscape companies, I often find the average Kiwi wants landscape design help. Their modest landscape budget only allow for the DIY approach, or they simply like to do it themselves. My husband and I are good examples of getting in and undertaking DIY garden build projects.

From this, the DIYdesigns concept emerged. Using technology and client input to reduce design time, we have combined this with a cost-effective modular DIY approach using materials available to everyone. Implementation maybe the home owner or even a contractor that you can engage directly.

We will be in contact soon! 


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